Presentation of ”Pellefant” – a poverty-spec ultra low milage 2002 Fiat Seicento 0.9

The story in short.

Polish expat that now recedes in Spain inherited this from an uncle some 10+ years ago. The seller told me that the original plan was that another family member were to have this as a ”second car for summer use”. But instead a convertible was purchased. The Seicento got to be parked at their summer cottage in the woods for almost a decade before me got hold of it.

Since new some 17 years ago, the odometer has only clocked up 9840 km (6116 miles) as of the summer om 2019. An additional 120 km has been covered since then, mostly to go to a MOT station in a nearby town

I came to know of it a year ago when it was listened online on a Swedish equivalent of Gumtree/Craigs list. Due to a number of reasons I hesitated a bit too long to do business at the time. For instance it ran less than perfect or to be true it ran like sh*t. The overall appearance was a bit tatty. For instance a huge scuff mark on the passenger door gave it all away. And the seller was in a hurry to close the deal before returning home to Spain a couple of days later.

I often find myself being a bit to hesitent to actually buy things when available. I do like to dwell and ponder upon the prospect of becoming the new trustee/keeper of a vehicle. On the other hand, cars that I’ve bought after such a process tend to stick in the collection a bit longer than those purcased on a whim. Luckely for me, no one else bought this car at the time either.

The following year the car came to be looked over by a local mechanic and the verdict was quite devastateing – ”Good overall bodywork but needs a new engine”. And offered to buy the car for a third of the former asking price. I managed to match that offer and became the new owner in july of 2019.  A month later I finally had the time to deassemble the engine. The state was not as servere as the mechanic had stated/predicted. But one push rod, a exhaust valve and a post/bracket for the valve bridge needed to be replaced as well as changing all the fluids just to do a proper service while on it. On my birthday late in august it finally came to be inspected and registred for road use in Sweden after almost a decade in ”parc fermé”